yamaha generators

2 Pole generators. These generators use a 2 pole rotor that forms a magnet with a north and a south pole when energised. This generator only consists of 2 poles and needs to run at 3000 rpm to generate electricity at the right volts and frequency.

2 pole generators is most likely light duty. Sizes range from as low as 200W up to 10Kva.

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Benefits of the 2 pole generators: First of all, it is much cheaper than the industrial 4 pole generators; the engines displacement is smaller and is lighter than the 4 pole generators. These generators can be easily moved around, and is ideal for lighter work where there is no electricity.

We at Newtontech Power stock a whole range of leading brand name generator sets. We can provide you with standby diesel generators for most uses. Included in our range are mobile welding generators, ideal for farms and mining. More products like lighting tower generators also available.

Brand Names include Yamaha, Hatz, Honda, Yanmar and more.


Custom and emergency generators.