Diesel Generators

Power Pack Diesel Generator Range.

Power Pack 12

Diesel generator from 12 Kva

From silent to ultra-silent, ideal for residential or commercial use.

This generator series consist of the following engine brands: Deutz, Perkins and Cummins. This range starts at 12Kva up to 25Kva Prime rated. This is low speed 1500 rpm units. The complete canopy tilt over for easy access to engine and alternator components. Servicing is very easy.

Diesel generator

Diesel generator from 50 Kva

Starting from 50 Kva up to 85Kva Prime rated, this generator range is manufactured and designed to endure peak performance all the time.

This is an industrial application set, and it can also be used for standby purposes. This range consists of a heavy-duty chassis, stainless steel fuel tank of 300 litres. Also an easy access glass lockable door panel for the controller at the back, also easy access to the inner breakers and components. It now also consists of 4 lockable side doors for easy servicing and maintenance.

Power Pack 150

Diesel generator from 100 Kva

100 Kva up to 150Kva Prime rated. Powered by either Cummins or Perkins engines.

Heavy-duty chassis, stainless steel fuel tank of 600 litres, stainless steel exhaust system, back lockable glass door for the controls and auto mains failure panel. This machine is ideal for small to large businesses and is also available in ultra-silent version. Ideal for restaurants and fast food industry. Also commonly used for industrial applications.

500Kva Volvo

Diesel generator from 300 Kva

Available from 300kva up to 800kva prime rated. Engine mostly used is Volvo, but can also be ordered with Perkins or Cummins engines.

Large Stainless steel Fuel tank of 1500 Litres is standard on these models, Also the stainless exhaust system. Designed with performance and durability in mind put this machine in a unique class. Included is a separate glass door for the moulded case breaker, and another lockable glass door for the auto mains failure panel. Large enclosure ensures ease off access inside the generator for easy service and maintenance.

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Introducing the Power Pack range. This series of generators designed for one purpose only: Durability, easy access for maintenance, and a cost-effective solution.

Power Pack range

These generators use renowned components like Volvo, Cummins, Perkins or Deutz engines. Alternator brands include Marelli, Leroy Somer or Stamford.

silent and Ultra-Silent

The Power Pack range consist of the following as standard: Large Stainless Steel fuel tank, Stainless steel exhaust systems, Deep Sea Auto mains failure system, moulded case breaker, lockable Glass door for the panel. Outside Fuel filler for easy diesel filling.

Large generator

This complete range rated at Prime Power. Doors are lockable with recessed stainless locks. Sound versions includes the following: Enclosed range from 80 to 95 decibel, Silent range from 75 to 85 decibel, and ultra-silent up to 75 decibel.


Parts and service is available, also lots of extras include sms notification, cell phone app for remote monitoring and controlled. Fuel pumps and many more.

silent generator

Sound comparison

120 db:
95 db:
80 db:
70 db:
60 db:

Please take note: This is just an indication and comparison for sound noises.