Auto Mains Failure (AMF) and Auto Mains Transfer Switches (ATS)

Auto Mains Control Module

(AMF) Auto mains failure: This is a module that control the engine and (ATS) Automatic transfer switches. There are several brands available in the market, and some with more features than the other. Also available is generator synchronization, this module can synchronize more than one generator with each other and therefore fuel is saved if the power demand is not that high. Generator controllers have different capabilities, like signal starting, monitoring of mains, engine, alternator and more. Also power output monitoring is available on most models.

Newtontech Power always fits generator controller PLC that is tested and reliable. Most of our diesel generator product range is equipped as standard with high quality Engine and ATS control and monitoring module, that protects the engine and generator set and monitors the power output.

A basic description of the different generator control modules is:

Auto Start control modules.

Auto Mains Failure control modules.

Manual Start control modules

Synchronizing and Load Sharing control modules

Remote Communication modules

Do not hesitate to contact us for any alternative power and electric power transfer related questions, we will gladly assist.

Newtontech Power adds another extra fuel monitoring sensor, to show when there is a low fuel problem, and the diesel generator will be able to run at least another hour before it shut down when empty. This function can be easily customized to warn you by a buzzer or a remote light. The generator will shut down at an empty fuel state, and will easily start as the fuel is filled. This option is standard on all stationary models.


(ATS) Automatic Transfer Switching

These switches can be placed in two categories, motorized and magnetic. Automatic switches are all remote controlled, using a signal to do the change over from one power supply to another. The motorized change over switch can sometime also be override by a manual lever. The magnetic change over switch consists of magnetic contact ors that are connected to do the changeover switching.

Some switches can be repaired and have spare parts available, and other switches needs to be replaced when failed. Especially the larger more expensive switches have parts like motors, magnet coils, contact points etc.

The basic is that the contact ors must be able to withstand the required load, when switching. There always must be overload protection before the changeover switch on all the incoming power supplies.

transfer switch Motorized transfer switch.

Manual change over switches is the less expensive but requires a person to do the change over from one power supply to another manually. This option will work when there is a person on site, or when it is not needed to have an automatic change over system.

Newtontech generators have an option to integrate the changeover system into the generator, and make it easier to connect the generator to your mains distribution board. This option is available on the small and medium range generators up to 500Kva. This option is practical when the diesel generator is mounted near the mains distribution board.