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Generators for sale, What to know when buying a Diesel Generator.

Buying a Generator

To buy a generator can be a complicated task, as there is a lot to keep in consideration.
Here some things to keep in mind:

  1. Electrical power needed Kw, Kva or Amps, Hz: 50 or 60, Volts, three phases or single phase.

  2. Heavy duty or only stand by. (Duty cycle.)

  3. Are you planning more equipment in the future to be installed at your factory, or office like air conditioners or more industrial equipment etc.?

  4. Budget.

  5. Technologies, UPS, alternative energy, monthly costs etc.

  6. Do you need remote starting and change over switching, or automatic change over switching and starting, or manual switching with manual start?

  7. After sales service and parts.



How do you decide what make generator to buy, and why should I choose a certain generator before another make generator. Let’s talk facts!

silent diesel generators for sale.


Power generators is complex machines, it consist of an engine and alternator coupled together mostly by means of a flex direct coupling. Other older means is V-belts and rubber couplings. Like any machine the engine is complex and can consist of an ecu to manage the fuel delivery to the engine, or by a mechanical pump. There is a lot of moving parts in the engine and therefore good workmanship is needed to ensure a good engine life.

Industrial generators runs at 1500 rpm also called the 4-pole generator. These generators require a larger output engine than the ordinary small 3000 rpm (2-pole) generators. Therefore the industrial generators are much more expensive than the 2-pole generators. The industrial generators can outlast the 2-pole generator by far and can run continuously. Also another benefit is that as the (4-pole) industrial generator runs only at 1500 rpm and therefore is much more silent then the high revving 3000rpm generator.





Production and Machining


Today most machining is done by computerised machines, and therefore faults are mostly eliminated, by quality checks. What are we saying? The more you produce complex tolerance machined parts, the more is it important to use quality machines and tools to produce quality machined parts with the correct tolerances.  Trained and experienced personnel are needed to check machined parts and components for quality.

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Quality of parts and equipment used is important for the product to deliver what it is made for, here some examples.

  1. Any part requires a certain type and or composition of materials to perform at its best, mostly had been researched and tested for long periods of time. A part like an oil seal that work at 80 degrees Celsius, if the materials used does not comply with these tested parameters it will fail.

  2. Is that product tested in the country it is supplied, ambient temperatures, humidity, sea level ratings etc.?

  3. Machined tolerances and quality checks.



Employees that is experienced and trained in their work will deliver good results. Also do not forget the correct programing and set up of robots and cnc machines, to deliver parts and components at the correct tolerances. Therefore good results will be achieved.             

Newtontech Power

Newtontech Power

We at Newtontech Power only use parts and components from leading brand name manufacturers, components like engines, alternators and electrical equipment etc.



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